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Backpacking in the Alps

Mountains loom large, anywhere we find them and specially in our minds. There's a reason they were considered the dwelling places of the gods in ancient worlds. To this day we find our way there, only to lose ourselves amidst their slopes and summits.

Of the mountain ranges of the world, the Alps are unique. They offer the remoteness of high mountains with magnificent views, combined with the accessibility of Europe. You can find yourself completely alone on a remote trail somewhere, with all your gear on your back and be in a comfortable hotel a couple of days later. They offer a fantastic range of choices for backpacking that I take advantage of at any opportunity.


I have done several long range treks along and around the Alps; Chamonix to Zermatt, Tour of the Mont Blanc and along the GR5. Here are some views from those trails. There’s more in the blog.

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